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Where To Buy Sea Buckthorn Plants

Many people who have been visiting the site have been contacting us re: where to buy sea buckthorn. The popularity of this plant is no doubt growing, and people are keen to have a few in their gardens. You should however check with local (state) laws to find out whether you can in fact legally grow them.

Remember too that you will need both a male & female plant growing within 20 feet of each other to ensure that the plant will bear fruit.

Below is a few locations that sell either sea buckthorn plants, or seeds.

United States Sea Buckthorn Retailers:

1) The least expensive way to get started growing your own sea buckthorn is to purchase seeds. One of our favorite sea buckthorn bloggers also sells seeds directly from the website, and the seeds are very reasonable priced. To purchase sea buckthorn seeds, please visit: The Seaberry / Sea Buckthorn Blog

2) Raintree Nursery in Morton Washington sells the plants for approximately $22.50 plus S&H.

3) Gurney's Seed and Nursery in Greendale Indiana sells their plants for $19.99 plus S&H.

Canadian Sea Buckthorn Retailers:

Tree Time in Edmonton, Alberta sells sea buckthorn plants in quantities as small as bundles of 10, to boxes of 180. The price per plant can be as high as $5.99/tree to as little as $2.29/tree.


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