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History of Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn has been used for centuries in Eurasia for food and medicinal uses. In ancient Greece, sea-buckthorn was known as a remedy for horses, using leaves, berries, and young branches in the fodder. The berries being the most vitamin and nutrient rich part of the plant was even fed to race horses at the time.

Sea Buckthorn has been used throughout history by the Ancient Greeks, Tibetans, and is referenced in ancient texts going back to the Tang dynasty. The medical uses of the time included treatment of burns and skin injuries/diseases, slow healing wounds, and sunburn. The high Omega 7 content of the Sea Buckthorn berry explains why it was so beneficial to the treatment of these skin ailments in ancient times. In modern times clinical studies are validating these ancient treatments.

The sea buckthorn plants are naturally occuring in China, Mongolia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Since then, it has been imported for personal and commercial growing around the world.

In more modern times, Sea Buckthorn has been used as a treatment for radiation burns, and as a anti-nauseant for Russian cosmonauts on their first journey to outer space. It is a food which is widely used in Russia and China. In fact sea buckthorn juice was the official drink of the Chinese athletes during the Beijing Olympics.

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